We are a group of passionate professionals working in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owners (AECO) industry, who deeply believe in the positive impact of digital transformation, continuous improvements, and an integrated delivery approach.

We deliver impactful digital solutions and management consulting services that benefit the complex web of finance, legal, government, design, construction, and operations stakeholders involved in the development, delivery, and management of the built environment.

We provide solutions for real estate and space management, remote work engagement and collaboration optimization, digital design and construction projects delivery, and digital twin frameworks setup and implementation.

Custom Web Applications

We cover the full-cycle of custom application development from solution architecture and design through deployment and maintenance, and integrate with leading identification providers, such as Microsoft, AWS, and Okta to provide a frictionless experience to the end user.

Systems Integration

We develop ETL and API services-based integrations to bridge between project management information systems (PMIS), Enterprise Resource Applications (ERP), document management systems (DMS), Common Data Environment (CDE), and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Power Platform Solutions

We leverage Microsoft’s low-code Power platform to provide automation and business process management solutions to our clients in record time.

Configured Applications

We configure Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, Autodesk Construction Cloud, and Esri’s ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Indoors.

Business Intelligence

We provide data visualization and analytic solutions for project controls, corporate finance, real estate, space inventory and facilities management.

Indoor Mapping

Mapping has historically stopped at a building’s doorstep. We leverage Esri’s ArcGIS Indoors to augment space planning, support employee and visitor experience, and enable effective hybrid workspaces management.

Reality Capture

We provide Lidar and Image-based reality capture surveys to digitize spatial portfolio for planning studies and scenarios, confirm existing conditions for design, track construction progress, and enable virtual tours of real estate portfolios.


We deliver data governance centric BIM and VDC services for a streamlined lifecycle feed of facilities data. We integrate with GIS to add location and contextual intelligence.

Common Data Environment

We optimize deployment of Autodesk CDE for seamless document access and collaboration for organization and project stakeholders.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

We expand the digital twin user experience with AR/VR applications leveraging game engines and real-time visualization technology.

Organizations and People

We drive continuous improvements for better performing teams and organizations through the development and implementation of strategic initiatives and digital transformation roadmaps.

Business Processes

We develop capital projects governance documents to inform the configuration of business processes and controls into digital solutions. This enables analytics and insights for operational improvements and predictable project outcomes.

Digital Tools

Our expertise in cloud solutions, infrastructure architecture, application development, systems implementation and integration, and business intelligence enable us to execute digital strategies that drive organizational and operational improvements.

Technology Partners