We are a group of passionate professionals working in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owners (AECO) industry, who deeply believe in the positive impact of digital transformation, continuous improvements, and an integrated delivery approach.

We deliver impactful digital solutions and management consulting services that benefit the complex web of finance, legal, government, design, construction, and operations stakeholders involved in the development, delivery, and management of the built environment.

We provide solutions for real estate and space management, remote work engagement and collaboration optimization, digital design and construction projects delivery, and digital twin frameworks setup and implementation.

Digital Solutions

– Custom Web Applications
– Systems Integration
– Power Platform Solutions
– Configured Applications Implementation
– Business Intelligence

Digital Twin

– Indoor Mapping
– Reality Capture
– BIM, VDC, and GIS
– Common Data Environment
– Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Management Consulting

– Organizations and People
– Business Processes
– Digital Tools